Healthy choices

Healthier choices – natural cosmetics

First of all I would like to start with that this is not a post about how to make healthier choices. This is just an entry about my personal journey about making my choices healthier and going from low budget to a mind set that it is okay to invest in better products and better and healthier long term decisions.

I would like to tell you about my childhood first. Almost like a therapy, but I feel that it is important to have a background to understand yourself and to each yourself to make smarter and better choices. So, I grew up with my brother and single mum, my grandma was there when my mum worked. We always had problems with money and when we had some, it was always to cover debts or basic necessities. So growing up I cannot say that I did not have everything like other children, it was just not brand names. I am very grateful for my childhood and my mother and grandmother who did the best that they could and often thought about us children before themselves. Anyway, I grew up with the philosophy that I could not afford anything that is not low budget, that is expensive, anything that is an extra. That included sports, clothes and of course cosmetics.

When I started working at age 15 i finally had some money to buy clothes that I wanted and be able to support myself through prom, through everything that a high-schooler should experience. It was all still low budget, the only thing that I bought was a pair of DM`s which were for a long time the most expensive thing that I owned. Paired with the fact that I went to art school, which are public in my country, and studied to become a photography designer which is one of the most expensive things that you can be because of all of the equipment that is needed. I did my best and still bought low budget. There is nothing wrong with that.


Two years ago I got married and still bought low budget food and cosmetics. The age of internet and my constant pinteresting and researching and hanging out with people that make natural soaps and such, was my wake up call to the fact that I was not making healthy decisions. I was making some money, I was able to live my life the way I wanted and I still had this argument that I DO NOT HAVE MONEY for anything basically that was not at the bottom of price range. When I realized these facts and with the help of some new natural cheaper options in my local drugstore I was able to switch to natural cosmetics.


I started using BIOBAZA, which is a local company that makes almost 100% natural cosmetics and is affordable. I was and still am very happy with this switch and my skin is enjoying itself. And now getting to the point. I started with BIOBAZA and with Aussie which to me is still ridiculously expensive but my hair loves it, all the while walking by LUSH, going in and enjoying the wonderful aromas, and thinking someday I will be able to afford myself to switch to lush cosmetics and pamper myself and be healthy and let my skin of the hook of chemicals that are not good.


The other day I went out with a work colleague while on a business trip. She is comfortable with going into more expensive stores, buying expensive make up while I am still not. Anyway, we were in a shopping mall and smells of lush brought us to the store and we tried out stuff with the wonderful girl that works there. She was also so kind to give us some samples for home and now I can finally say that I have a sample of a shampoo that I have been stalking in lush stores and websites at home. I will try it out and if it fits me I will just go in and buy it. It sounds crazy right. Lush is not even that expensive. But to me the thought of giving 20+ dollars for a face creme, no matter how wonderful it is is just terrifying. Making baby steps to better decisions. What is your journey like? Do you also struggle with making more expensive but healthier choices?   Do you have any recommendations?

lush samples


When reading this you would think that I am very frugal and save money but the reality is that lately most of my paychecks went to buying a new used camera, buying a new laptop and getting some work clothes. When you have one thing for years there comes a point when you realize that your laptop is out of date, your camera has less MP than a phone and that all of your clothes are bought in second hand(which is great) but they are not in prime condition for work. So I had to invest in all of this and still have a long way to go before I can switch to all natural products and be comfortable with buying more expensive products.  xx


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